"Student guidance" is direction and assistance provided for the purpose of enhancing each student's social skills and initiative, while respecting personal qualities and fostering individuality. Whereas Counselling is the professional assistance in coping with personal problems, including emotional, behavioural, vocational, marital, educational, rehabilitation, and life-stage (e.g., retirement) problems. Counselling and guidance are integral for maintaining the physical and mental health of the college community and Ansar Women’s College places a high value on both. These are necessary for students to understand their skills, interests, and personality to have a better student life.The vision of the college guidance and counselling cell is to provide psychological support to students to identify their strengths and weakness, focus on their strengths to become positively contributing members of society. The cell nurtures students through different activities and allows students to cross hurdles in the academic year thereby marching smoothly towards success. We also extended our hands of service to the faculties and staff of our college, to the parents, and also to the community.

Objectives of Guidance and Counselling Cell are:

1. Provide various comprehensive psychological services to students and resolve their  emotional,   behavioural, academic, and social issues.
2. To create awareness about issues and problems related to the mental health of the student
3. To provide health education and pre-and post-marital counselling to all.
4. To provide necessary counselling, guidance, and peer support to those who are in need of the same.
5. Provide Psychological support to faculty, staff, parents of students, and community in need.

Roles and Responsibilities of Guidance and Counselling Cell are:


  • Boost self-esteem of weaker /physically challenged students.

  • Diagnose the learning difficulties of students and help them to overcome the same.

  •  Help the students to overcome examination stress or fear.

  • Conduct training program on counselling skills for faculty & staff.

  • Conduct seminars for students on mental health and addiction issues.

  • Inform the parents about the psychological misbehaviour of the student.

  • Solve personal problems of the student by conducting an individual counselling session

  • Refer the students to professional psychiatrists or counsellors in severe cases.

Activities conducted under Guidance and Counselling cell are:

a. Nurturing through the remedial teaching program.
b. Mentoring through individual counselling.
c. Provide various comprehensive psychological services to students and resolve their emotional, behavioural, academic, and social issues.
d. Organizing workshops in various areas like:

  •  Stress management
  •  Emotional intelligence
  • Self-awareness
  • Learning disabilities
  • Offering counselling in the area of psychology and career guidance on a request basis.

e. Psychological testing in areas of-

  • Aptitude
  •  Intelligence
  •  Interest
  • Stress and anxiety.

      The Counselling Cell encourages the students to understand themselves and the issues that trouble them and guides them to resolve their problems. These problems can be personal, emotional, social, family, peer, academic, sexual, etc. This is done through individual or group counselling to help them with academic goals, social and personality development, career goals, enhancing listening skills, empathy, and interpersonal skills to have healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle. The counselling cell functions in coordination with the placement cell to solve career guidance-related problems.

         The Guidance and Counselling Cell is looked after by a teaching faculty from the Department of Psychology. Apart from the main in charge the other faculty members take up specific roles in the activities conducted. Various programs are conducted under the cell from 2015 onwards. In every academic year, the committee conducted orientation and awareness classes for every student of the college. Also conducted sessions for teachers with the aim of helping to prevent and address problem behaviour in students, such as bullying, violence, truancy, and juvenile delinquency, and promoting the healthy development of students.The committee identifies students who require services on priority along with their areas of deficiency with the help of teachers and friends and suggests the improvement required.

           Students, faculty, staff, and parents are benefited from the cell by many individual and group counselling sessions. The coordinators of the cell ensure the confidentiality of personal data collected from them. To enhance the facilities to an advanced level the guidance and counselling cell in association with the Department of Psychology are planning a venture ‘Ansar Counselling Centre’.

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