The Institution follows the curriculum prescribed by the University of Calicut. As per the curriculum, the college prepares an academic calendar after consultation with the members of the Academic Council every year and a framework for effective curriculum delivery is formulated.

     The Formative evaluation of the students is done as per University rules. There is a two-tier system of assessment. The University conducts an external evaluation at the end of each semester. The dates of external assessment are announced very early through the university website and other media. The internal examinations are conducted twice each semester as part of internal evaluation. Attendance, performance in assignments, and seminars are also considered in awarding internal marks. Academic Monitoring Committee controls the internal evaluation process and Grievance redressal mechanism, which operates at the department and institutional levels.




  1. Principal: Dr. Kamaludheen K T                          

  2.  Vice Principal : Mr. Arif T A                            

  3. HoD of Computer Science: Ms.Sainaba Soonam P               

  4. HoD of Commerce: Ms.Sajina P                      

  5. HoD of Physics: Ms. Nafeesa O N                     

  6. HoD of Mathematics: Ms.Soumya S                      

  7. HoD of Mass Communication: Ms.Sukanya K P                           

  8. HoD of Psychology: Ms.Jishma Joshy                  

  9. HoD of Centre of Life Skill Education: Mr. JamalPK      

  10. HoD of English: Ms.Sangeetha K G   

  11. HoD of Chemistry: Ms.Dreamy Samu  

  12. HoD of Language: Ms.Greeshma Raveendran K

  13. HoD of Arabic: Ms.Shahida Abdul Kadir             

  14. Nodal Officer of Admission: Ms. Reshmi                 

  15. Nodal Officer of Internal Assessment:  Ms. Suparna K                         



Principal: Mr. Kamaludheen K T                          

Vice Principal : Mr. Arif T A                                

Coordinator   : Ms. Shameema K 

Assistant Coordinator: Ms. Rajeetha MVU 

Members :  Ms. Suniya Ibrahimkutty        

                    Ms. Prapitha Gopi K               

                    Ms. Juby Joy C                       

                    Ms. Shijula C V                       

                    Ms. Anisha                              

                    Ms. Nadhiya K V                     

                    Ms. Shahnaz MH                  

                     Ms. Suparna K            

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04885 284 912

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