"The AWC stays within the heart of Perumpilavu with the idyllic nature surrounding the campus. This women oriented institute provides a healthy mix of several programs, which can be seen in the academic calendar, hence providing an opportunity to all the students to rise up their potential and explore the heights of their capabilities. Along with the degrees that one aspires to pursue, the moral studies are intertwined with them, hence emphasizing the fact that quality knowledge is conveyed to all. There`s a magnificent bonding between the teachers and the students here, hence making the learning environment much comforting. For the purpose of widening the spectrum of one`s talent, there are facilities supporting the same.

Overall, the AWC is one great destination for one hoping to excel in life."-JISNA RAZAK(2018-'21)

"Getting an opportunity to learn in an intimate environment is the most valuable blessing that a student acquire. The students of Ansar Women’s College are henceforth greatly fortunate.

AWC is not just an academic institution that simply stuff syllabus into students, rather it inculcate moral values within them and develop a quality persona. Besides, it has the best set of teaching staff who always hold up the students in any state of affairs.

This campus helps to stimulate the feeling of responsibility and foster the students to forefront in social activities thereby focusing to strengthen the active participation of women in every discipline.

Being a student at Ansar Women’s College will definitely remain as a remarkable chapter of their life." -SUMEEHA ASHRAF(2017-'20)

"Hmm... What you heard was absolutely correct to the point! Every once in a while a 'three year' come alive, a 'birth' so very unexpected, particularly the placeangel.. But never thought the 'demise', the most expected would turn out to be this suddencrying....... Unhappy at the beginning. I do admit.... U may not believe so easily that the efforts to reverse the mood and the arguments ended in long, tight hugs were the moments to be admired now and then.... Each day in 'three year's' life had too much to convey... 'exaggeration ‘less exaggerations, beard insults, collective consolations, secret giggles to borrowed laughs... and even more sometimes. No contradictions to no one. even though short lived,' three years ‘lived the best in Ansari verandah!!! heart.. Ohh. By the way... Confines!! Are u alive. wink..?? "-SHYMA SIDHIK(2016-'19)

"Ansar campus cannot be recalled without memories rolling down the eyes.From the banyan trees that witnessed our girly gossips,to the friendly doors that  heard our goofy grumbles,the celebrations that we revolutionised in our own bizarre ways,to the teachers who slyly grinned at the mischief we uprooted,and to all those days that were so alive,life in Ansar had grown beyond the books and the classrooms.Every wall  there might still wink at us, to echo the genuine laughs we lived .Ansar is still a favourite yearning,so  cherished. Ansar is HOME!"  -SAFA FAZAL(2015-'18)

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Ansar Womens College kunnamkulam Calicut Road, Perumpilavu,
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04885 284 912

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