1. Principal will be Chief Warden.
  2. The principal will nominate Dorm Parent/Asst. Dorm Parent. They will reside in the hostel and will be in charge of the affairs of the hostel.
  3. Admission and removal of the students from the hostel are the matters within the discretion of the principal.
  4. Hostellers can go home only on second Saturdays or the previous evening.
  5. Hostel holidays are specified in the ‘Hostel Handbook’. An inmate who wants to take leave other than those holidays will have to seek the permission of chief warden.
  6. Students are permitted to go home only with their parents/guardian. Self-entry and self-going is not permitted at any cost.
  7. No visitor is allowed after 6 pm. Visitors should get the permission of Dorm Parent before meeting the student.
  8. Lights have to put off at 10.30 pm.
  9. College hostel is the college. Serious offences like ragging, mental harassment in the hostel will warrant punishment in the college too.
  10. Inmates should keep their rooms neat and clean.
  11. No inmate shall be absent from the hostel without prior permission of the dorm parent.
  12. No inmate shall disfigure the rooms by writing on the walls, drawing pictures, sticking bills or any other manner.
  13. Inmates shall report at roll call time, which will be fixed by Dorm parent.
  14. Inmates shall maintain strict silence during study hours.
  15. Inmates shall behave with dignity in dining room and cultivate good table manners.
  16. Outsiders and day scholars are not allowed to stay in the hostel without prior permission of the Principal.
  17. Compensation will be charged for loss or damage to the hostel property.
  18. Organizing meeting or fund collection in the hostel without prior permission of the Dorm parent will not be permitted.
  19. Hostel accommodation is given for one academic year only. At the end of each academic year students should have to vacate the hostel and request for readmission.
  20. Muslim students can attend the congregational prayers and participate in all activities organized by the college and hostel.
  21. Rules of modesty and decorum in dress should be strictly adhered to.
  22. Incoming and outgoing of the inmates is restricted after 6 pm.
  23. All the students should keep away from subversive activities and should keep dignity and decorum in dress and behaviour.
  24. Departure time and arrival time should be informed and recorded in the register kept in the hostel office.
  25. Insubordination to the warden, breach of hostel rules, indecent conduct, habitual inattention in the class etc. Are sufficient reasons for dismissal.

Students should pay their mess due on or before 10th of every succeeding month.

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