Cookery club is an initiative of Talent Year 2022 of Ansar Women's College. Food is one of the basic necessities of human being. It has the ability to innate unity, love and happiness among students and staff. To cook, To eat, To help, To enjoy and To exhibit your personality is the motto of Cookery Club. Cooking is an art, students who displayed enthusiasm in this art wholeheartedly partcipated in all the programs of Cookery Club. The Club also aimed to part social values by providing food to homeless people, old age homes, children homes and inspecting food safety in near by shops of Ansar Women's College.



1. To enhance unity and happiness among students and staff.
2. To provide awareness classes, seminars, workshops regarding food safety and hygiene
3. To develop Cooking skills of students through various programs; Food fest, Food contest and Master chef of Ansar Women's College. 
4. Make them understand the stark realities of our society by visiting homeless people and providing food to them.
5. Ensure helping nature of students through the visits of Old age homes and Children's homes.
6. Enhance Student's status as a responsible citizen by allowing them to inspect near by shops of College for checking hygiene and food safety.
7. Develop competitive and leadership skills of students through various food related contest.
8. Mould a better generation who understand the value and necessity of Food.


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Ansar Womens College kunnamkulam Calicut Road, Perumpilavu,
Kerala 680519,

04885 284 912

04885 284 912

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