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      The world is facing global energy crisis. Majority of our energy is generated using fossil fuels which cause pollution and lead to global warming. Completely safe ways of using nuclear energy are yet to be discovered. There is power cut even in major cities for hours. Small villages get power only for a few hours in a day. There is large demand for energy and in absence of immediate solutions for generating clean and safe energy, it is necessary to use energy generated from existing sources more judiciously. This requirement of using present energy sources more judiciously is main motivation for starting Energy Conservation Club.

     The College signed a collaboration with Energy Conservation Society (ECS) in 2017 and the Energy Conservation Club was constituted in our college in the year 2017-18. ECS is a premier Non-Governmental Voluntary Organization committed to the cause of promoting Energy conservation, environmental protection etc.


  • Energy Conservation Club is started with a vision of solving energy crisis problem.

Aims & Objectives:

· The aim of the club is to find techniques and create solutions that allow better use of energy in non-intrusive way.

· The Club aims at exploring better uses of clean and renewable sources of energy.

· To create awareness for the students on the energy conservation and environmental protection.

· To inculcate the mindset of the students to become ambassadors in raising the awareness of energy saving.


Staff in-charge: Laila. M

Student coordinator: Sunisha. P. Nair


Activities of year 2020-2021

Last 5 year Activities


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Ansar Womens College kunnamkulam Calicut Road, Perumpilavu,
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04885 284 912

04885 284 912

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