The Institution offers programmes sanctioned by the University of Calicut and the broad framework of the National Policy on Education and Global standards are incorporated in the University Curriculum. Accentuating the knowledge and learning process is the fulcrum of higher education. Broadening the horizon of academic learning by incorporating various participatory mechanisms to shape a new dawn in higher education is an ongoing effort of our Institution.

    The academic learning efficacy of any programme and courses depends on the Programme Outcomes and Course Outcomes. The college has developed its POs and COs with a particular view taking into consideration the mission and goals of the programmes. For all the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the POs and COs are drafted following discussions with all the stakeholders.

    The programmes offered by College cater to multiple interests of the student community and also at building the human capital needed by the society and nation. The programme outcomes and course outcomes are primarily designed at imparting knowledge and skills which is critical for building students' competence and personality. These learning outcomes focus on values and ethics along with enhancing their interpersonal communication skills. The POs/COs are thus in keeping with the prime motto of the college i.e. empowering students and preparing them to be catalysts of change.

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