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                       It is said that nature is the best teacher. It teaches us survival of the fittest and nourishes us in all aspects. Nature has endowed us with incredible assets like, biodiversity and natural resources. The conservation of both Flora & Fauna has become need of the time. It’s our responsibility to leave this planet in better shape for the future generation than we found it.

            On this call of nature, Ansar Women’s College formed and inaugurated Green Cave – Nature Club on 3rd October 2019by the chief guest Dr.Sreenath S. Green Cave, as the name suggests focuses on the need to provide shelter and protect all creatures as well as create an awareness among the students, faculty and staff about nature and related issues. The Club is the convergence of nature lovers, from various departments of AWC to promote, monitor and operate the environmental and sustainable activities in the society, starting from college campus with the novel objectives of facilitating the skill development for environmental protection, promoting the need to provide shelter to animals also and spreading awareness of the same among students.


  • To sensitize, motivate and educate students and staff about environment conservation.
  • To create awareness among society about environment and related issues.
  • Encouraging efforts to protect and conserve biodiversity in the vicinage.
  • Executing small scale projects within the campus.
  • Contributing in environment awareness and conservation drives in collaboration with regional nature clubs and institutes.


  • Staff Co-ordinators: Ms. Sangeetha KG &Ms. Fouziya.N.A
  • Student Co-ordinators: Vaishnavi.O.V&Fasnitha Sirin



                                    QUIZ COMPETITION AND E-MAGAZINE RELEASE"

"Green Cave" of Ansar Women's College decided to release an E-magazine and conduct an online Quiz competition among the college students on 28th July 2021 as a part of observing World Nature Conservation Day.


"Green Cave" and "Haritham '' of Ansar Women's College jointly decided to conduct an Online Photography Competition among the college students on 5th June 2021 as a part of observing World Environment Day.


Green Cave Reports

Year 2020-2021
 Year 2019-2020
Year 2021-2022



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